When you find the right bar syrups, making cocktails becomes fast and easy. Whether you run a busy bar or host parties at home, you’ll want to have a full supply of these cocktails syrups available to present your guests with great drinks. Cocktail mixing can be both fun and effortless when you have these top 5 delicious syrups in stock.


When you’re looking for the best pomegranate flavour on the market, turn to our gourmet grenadine syrup. This syrup boasts a huge pomegranate personality to any cocktail that calls for grenadine.


This is a fun syrup that offers a slightly sweet and floral quality to a drink. Elderflower syrup is extremely popular across the ocean in Europe where it is prized for its pairing with sparkling drinks such as club soda, wine, and champagne. When you’re looking for the perfect summer cocktail, try adding elderflower syrup to your drinks.


This is one of the classic syrups that a mixologist can’t be without it. It’s made from the same type of ruby red liquid that is used to store maraschino cherries. This syrup is used to flavour Shirley Temples and many alcoholic cocktails and can also be used as a flavour enhancer for desserts.


This syrup is made with sweetened lime zest and juice and is perfect for daiquiris, margaritas and many other cocktails. It can be added to sparkling water or a glass of soda to add a unique citrus taste to the drink.


This corneal syrup tastes just like green almonds and is made with orange flower water, blanched almonds, water, and sugar. A Mai Tai and a Tom Collins wouldn’t be the same without it. Add this syrup to lemonade for a delicious variation of a refreshing summer drink.

At Social Syryp you can find all of these cordial syrups plus more. They are the perfect ingredients for master mixologists that only want to serve the best to their customers. Learn more about our line of syrups by visiting our website today. We offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders and offer fast delivery for door-to-door service.


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