New Arrivals

Mixing drinks at home has become fun and effortless thanks to the nonalcoholic cordials and bar syrups offered by Social Syryp. Our collection includes Maraschino, Grenadine, Lime, Elderflower, Orgeat and Pomegranate syrups, which will add the perfect tartness and sweetness to a variety of popular cocktails.

Any bartender in a restaurant or other dining establishment always has a large stock of cordials and bar syrups by their side, so they can produce exotic house blends. And any home bar should be well-stocked as well. Guests will be thrilled to find out that they can experiment with the different syrup colours and flavours available to produce a personal drink sensation.

A Mai Tai just wouldn’t be the same without our Orgeat syrup, which has become extremely popular due to its rich almond flavour. You’ll love the Old Fashions that you can mix together with our Maraschino cordial and you’ll be absolutely amazed at the Tequila Sunrises and Sea Breezes you can whip together using the Grenadine bar syrup.
These cordials and syrups can also be added to meat glazes, yogurt, tea and coffee, salads and desserts as a special flavouring and they are delicious in sodas for people that shy away from alcoholic beverages.

The syrups are perfect for home bars, restaurants, fine dining establishments and fancy cocktail bars where customers appreciate a new and unexpected taste sensation. Create your own signature blends that will have your guests and customers returning for more.
Stock your bar with all of the flavours to experience the new taste and attitudes that can be added to your favourite drinks. Now you have the opportunity to become a “master” mixologist at home. Wow your friends and family with exotic cocktails and punches using quality Social Syryp non-alcoholic cordials and bar syrups.