Grenadine is commonly used for many different cocktails, but it can be used in many other ways as well. Many savoury recipes call for grenadine, but you can use it as a flavour boost for sweet deserts as well. Here are some uses for grenadine that are non-alcoholic that you may not have heard of before:

Lemonade – Add a splash of grenadine in your lemonade. Also, add some ice to make the drink a refreshing barbecue or poolside drink. To create more depth of flavour, a small mint sprig can be placed in the liquid as well.

Sautéed onions – Sprinkle a small amount of grenadine into the butter before sautéing your onions. It’s a delicious addition that you’ll love!

Cranberries – If you cook your own cranberries, add some grenadine, water, and sugar to the fruit to add a unique taste sensation.

Pork – Pour some of this pomegranate syrup over a pork roast or ribs as a glaze.

Chinese cooking – If you’re going to be cooking duck or ribs, add some grenadine to the sauce to increase the vibrant red colour and to provide additional sweetness.

Ice cream – Sprinkle grenadine syrup over your ice cream to create a unique flavour.

Fruit salad – Add a small squirt of grenadine to your fruit salad and then mix it in.

Tea – Both iced tea and hot tea can be ramped up in flavour with this delicious syrup.

Cheese – Try drizzling some grenadine on top of a strong cheese. This taste combination is great!

These are just some suggestions for grenadine that you can use, but there are many more. If you’re a chef, you can probably think of other applications where grenadine may work wonders and bring a culinary creation up to a brand-new level.

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