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Elderflower syrup has European roots and provides a delicate scent and taste to many drinks and food recipes. It gives a highlight of sweet floral to wine cocktails and also pairs well with gin. It can be used as a sweetener for teas, sodas, champagnes, sparkling wines, lemonades and of course, cocktails.

While it is not as popular in North America, elderflower syrup is a staple in pantries throughout Europe. It is widely used in a gin and soda offering a splash of flavour that is especially appreciated during the hot summer months.

Elderflower syrup has a slight tangy sweetness to it and the fragrance of wildflowers. It has a mild citrus overtone that you can explore in your drinks and it can also be used for many other culinary purposes including:

  • Add it to whipped cream
  • Use it in a gin fizz
  • Stir it into lemonade
  • Use as an ingredient in a yellow cake
  • Combine it with gelatin and sparkling wine for an intriguing desert

Elderflower syrup also pairs well with iced tea, Grand Marnier, Bourbon and sparkling water. It is commonly used in cocktails such as the Orange Blossom and the Grand Esprit. This is a special syrup that makes cocktails much more complex and dynamic. You’ll need to be sure that you have plenty of this syrup in stock as the hot weather quickly approaches and customers are searching for refreshing summer cocktails.

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