Cocktail syrups aren’t something that you’ll usually find at your local grocery store. They are more of a specialized item that you’ll need to track down and purchase either in your community or online. There are different places where you can find these specialty syrups, but your best bet is to purchase them online and here’s why:

Retail Store Cocktail Syrups

The syrups that you may be able to find in a liquor store are mass-produced products that lack the quality that you’d find in specialty cocktail syrups available online. Gourmet syrups offer a higher quality in both aroma and taste, and you’ll notice it if you do a side-by-side blind taste test on your own.

If you are running a restaurant or bar and need access to bulk quantities of syrups, you won’t be able to get a discounted price when you make your purchase at a retail store. Savvy restaurant owners know that the only place to save money on their syrups is by placing an online order for them.

Online Gourmet Syrups

At Social Syryp we stand behind the quality of every syrup we produce. Our line of syrups can’t be beat, and we’re sure you’ll love them. These are the products you need when you want to offer more to consumers in order to turn them into repeat customers. The types of syrups that you’re pouring into your cocktails define the drinks you’re serving.

We also offer a discount program for larger orders and we can deliver anywhere across North America. You can get high-quality syrups at an affordable price to keep your customers happy. You also won’t have to chase around town looking for the flavours you need the most. We have a wide selection of syrups to choose from and they are always in stock.

Find out more about our syrups, our discount pricing program and the delivery options available by visiting our website today at You’ll find the syrups you need most on our site at competitive prices. At Social Syryp, we wholesale bar syrup & cocktail cordial.

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